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Relocation, transport, storage

agree_150We offer to collaborate to transportation and relocation companies that have hard trucks, minibuses and can transport goods internationally. The permanent directions are: Lithuania – Belgium – Lithuania; Lithuania – Deutschland – Lithuania; Deutschland – Finland – Deutschland.

We offer to collaborate to companies that can offer us cargo to take on routes Deutschland – Finland – Deutschland; Lithuania – Finland – Lithuania, because we regularly take full or partial cargo on these routes.

We offer to collaborate to relocation companies that could use our warehouse system to storage their customers’ special domestic goods for short or long period of time. We can offer storage in wooden boxes or alternate 20 ft. containers, which our trucks will bring to your customers’ home and back to warehouse for long-term or short-term storage, when loaded. When storage term is over, the same boxes or containers will be brought to unloading place. This will help you to avoid reloading in warehouses, which can sometimes cause varied damage to furniture and other goods. 

Office furniture

We offer to collaborate to architects and interior designers while creating office interior projects. We can offer you products and ideas of world-wide furniture manufacturing leader STEELCASE